3 Easy Steps to Get Started with Bluebeam Drawings

Getting started with Bluebeam Drawings

Bluebeam Drawings was recently released by Bluebeam, the makers of the tremendously useful PDF Application for Construction, Bluebeam Revu. This new mobile app will give you view access to your PDF files free on any device.  iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and anything else that can browse the web, all work with Bluebeam Drawings allowing you to view drawings for free. Follow these 3 Easy steps to get started with Bluebeam Drawings and you’ll be up and viewing in no time.

Before we get started, get your Bluebeam Drawings app for iOS and Android

So how do you get set up to start using this awesome drawing app?  Follow these steps to get started with Bluebeam Drawings and you’ll be up and viewing in no time.

Step 1 – Permissions for people who will be Uploaders of files

You’ll need permissions to be tagged as a user permitted to upload files to Bluebeam Drawings.  Have the administrator of your license go to the Bluebeam Gateway at portal.bluebeam.com

Click on the Manage Drawings Users button. Then select the license to associate if you happen to have more than one.

Click on Add Drawings Users and enter their email address.  Be sure to use the email the user has set up for their Bluebeam Studio account. It’s the same login credentials for Bluebeam Studio and Bluebeam Drawings.  The user that has been invited to be an uploader will get an email to “Get Started with Drawings” that looks like this

This step is necessary only for members that need to have the ability to be an uploader.  You can skip this entirely if other team members will only be viewers of the data.  Viewer access is completely free, and access is controlled by the Studio or Drawings Projects.

Step 2 – Upload Files

Go to the Studio Drawings site and upload files.  We’ll discuss go over how to make a Drawings Project from an existing Bluebeam Studio Project as well as how to make one from files you may have locally on your drive or network.

Go to drawings.bluebeam.com and login using your Bluebeam Studio credentials.  If you don’t have an account already created, you can make one on the login page under “Create Account”

Once logged in, you’ll have the ability to create a project. But only if you’re a user with uploader permissions from step 1). Alternatively, you may elect a project name that you’ve been invited into to view.

You’ll see any existing Bluebeam Studio projects you’ve created or are a member of.  To add PDFs from your Studio project into the Bluebeam Drawings project, select the project name from the list.

Click on the Add Drawings button in the middle or the Upload button in the upper right.

You’ll then be taken to this screen.

Depending on where you want to upload your files from, pick either the Add from Project button or the Upload from Computer option below.  When you select the Add from Project button, the next screen will list all the published drawings that you can choose from in the Studio Project.

Choose the files you want

Choose the files you want and click Next. The next screen gives you the option to review your choices and add more if you missed any.  You can click the X at the right of a file to remove it from the list.

When you’re satisfied with your selected files, click the Add file button in the upper right.  You’ll get a prompt like this stating the file is being processed.

You’ll get two emails. One stating the files have been uploaded and are being processed.  Another email will come in after the files have been processed and are ready for review. 

Wait for the second email to come in before continuing.  The timeframe will depend on the size and quantity of files you uploaded.  In this example, we’re using a single page PDF, my email came through right away.

Review Ready email will look like this:

When you view your Bluebeam Drawings project you’ll see a red circle next to the For Review tab showing you the number of files that have uploaded and are ready to review before being finally published.

Select the top one in the list which should be the most recent upload to the project.  It should also have “Review and Publish” in the far-right column.  Those are the ones that are pending approval. Once you select the row, you’ll see something like this:

👀  What to watch for

Every file must be uniquely identifiable. If you have 3 different sheets all tagged as A101 you’ll have a conflict. Those conflicting files will be listed here.  They’ll need to be resolved prior to publishing.  Also, if you uploaded a single PDF that contains multiple sheets, those will all be separated out automatically.

↑↑ Uploading Files from your Computer

Let’s go through the steps to upload files that don’t come from an existing Studio Project.  Either in a new project or an existing one, click on the Upload button or the Add Drawings button.  In the next dialog (below) click the text for Upload from computer.  This will go to a browser dialog where you can pick the PDF files from your local or network drives to upload into the Bluebeam Drawings project.

The next steps will be the same as adding files from a Studio Project.  You’ll then get 2 emails straight to your inbox about files being processed. Then you’ll receive a second email when they’re ready for review.  Review the files and publish them to the Bluebeam Drawings project.

Step 3 – Invite viewers and project members

Invite the people that need to be able to view the files in Bluebeam Drawings.  If your starting point was an existing Bluebeam Studio Project,  those files will include team members who were able to view those files in the Project will now see the files in the Bluebeam Drawings project.  To project partners directly from the Bluebeam Drawings project, click the gear icon in the upper left.

After you click on Settings, you’ll see an Invite button in the upper right.

In the next dialog, click ADD and enter the email address of the person you want to invite.  You can also include a custom message to the invitees and to control user permissions. Click on the Project Settings tab (image above).

To gain access from a mobile device, be sure to download the Bluebeam Drawings web app, not the Revu app.  Now your drawings can viewed in the field, the airport, the bus, etc.

There are your 3 Easy steps to get started with Bluebeam Drawings!
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