97th Annual AGC Convention

The 97th Annual AGC Convention is in full-swing.  The nation’s gathering of the General Contractor Leadership has congregated in San Antonio, TX.

Last year’s event was in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This year however feels much larger from an attendance standpoint.

As a Platinum Bluebeam Reseller, the conversations we’re having at our booth are much different than what we see at other events.  At other events, we typically explain what Bluebeam Revu is, and what it can do for potential users.  Then we’ll perform some product demonstrations at the booth.  At this event however, the conversations are usually taking place with current Bluebeam Revu users.  The conversations usually starts with, “We love Bluebeam, what’s new in the new version!?”.

Our booth graphics proclaim that 74% of top US contractors use Bluebeam Revu.  That was true 2 years ago, the number is now 86%.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with this kind of adoption rate (awesome software problems).  Sure, we’ll update the booth to show 86%, but suspect that the % will be higher before we even get the new booth graphics.

Aaron Courdy, Director, Channel Services at Bluebeam Software stopped by to help at the Orange Blade Consultants booth.  Thanks Aaron!

97th annual AGC convention John magyar and Aaron Cordy

97th annual AGC convention  – John Magyar and Aaron Courdy

The show is complete with a Mechanical Bull-Riding Contest.  Don’t mess with Texas, or this bull.  Nobody lasted more than 8 seconds.

Mess with the AGC Bull, you'll get the horns

Mess with the AGC Bull, you’ll get the horns

We’re looking forward to next year’s AGC Conferecne show as well as the BIMFORUM shows in Minneapolis and Atlanta later this year.  If you’re going, stop by and see us!

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