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Apply your handwritten signature to PDF files with Bluebeam Revu
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How to apply your handwritten signature to PDF files with Bluebeam Revu

Forget about the print, sign, scan, email process.  With Bluebeam PDF Revu (any version) you’ll be turning those important documents around much much faster.  Please note that this is not a true digital signature, although Bluebeam Revu handles digital signatures pretty well too.  If you were looking for that kind of digital signature……Docusign works well with Bluebeam Revu.





We recommend Docusign for Seamless Integration of Digital Signatures with Bluebeam Revu

Key Benefits

  • BlueBeam Revu’s built-in integration enables DocuSign Signature Appliance to digitally sign files from within the Revu user interface.
  • The integration enables a completely electronic workflow, saving the costs of printing, scanning and copying paper documents.
  • Easily add digital signatures to Bluebeam workflows to speed approvals.
  • Eliminates printed documents for signing, enhances collaboration for virtual project teams, and field workers, across departments and multiple locations.
  • Proven compliance with governance, retention and national/international regulatory standards.

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UPDATE:  January 18, 2016

When working with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and it’s awesome stylus pen for Surface Pro 4, you can take your signing of documents to another level.



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