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AutoCAD Secrets Exposed

From Autodesk University 2014 (Session AC6857), Jeanne Aarhus, one of AU’s most popular presenters exposes many of the less-used features of AutoCAD 2015.  AutoCAD Secrets Exposed will show you how to use hidden tips that you might not find on your own and learn to use the new tools too.  Most content is appropriate for users of AutoCAD 2009 thru 2015.

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50 Topics, including

1) A Better Interface
2) HOT! Keys
3) Quick Explore
4) Using the CUI Shortcut Keys
5) Mouse Controls
6) How Handy is Your Mouse
7) Command Line
8) Customize Your Quick Start
9) Reset AutoCAD to Default Settings
10) More Tool Palette Secrets
11) Secret COPY Options
12) A Better MTEXT
13) MTEXT Alignments
14) Controlling the New MTEXT
15) Smarter BOXED TEXT
16) More Readable Text
17) Justify Text
18) I SPY Invisible Attributes
19) Quickly Edit Attributes
20) Delete a Segment from a Polyline
23) Multiple Viewport FREEZE
24) Cycle Viewports
25) Overlapping Viewports
26) Dimension TEXTMASK
27) Know Everything About UND
28) ROTATE…like a Map
29) Hiding Beneath the Table
30) Quick Layers
31) Had Enough Layers Reconciled
32) Print Layer List
33) Automatic Coordinate Labels
34) Hidden Items in ARRAY
35) Know EVERYTHING about COPY

And much more…..

Is Autodesk University in your plans for 2015?

Las VegasDecember 1-3, 2015
IstanbulDecember 10, 2015
DubaiDecember 17, 2015


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