Autodesk Announces New Release of Buzzsaw 2013

The Autodesk Buzzsaw team has announced a new release of Buzzsaw 2013. This release claims to include a number of feature enhancements to help users improve collaboration and data management tasks. 

What’s new in this release

  • Permission Update Tracking
  • Site Administrators (Admins) the ability to restore permissions for a project
  • Uploads should be noticeably faster
  • Logins using the desktop clients are substantially faster for non-Admins
  • Increased Site Admin functionality performance for large sites


Update:  Upon further review, the “ability to restore permissions for a project” should probably be clarified as it isn’t nearly as automated as we had hoped when we first read the “What’s new” list.  We assumed that users could press an “undo” button to return to a previous permission state for a project, or better yet, take snaphots of current permission settings.

The only function we’ve found is that the Buzzsaw activity log will list changes in more detail than it had in the past.  So now, when a permission change is shown in the activity log, at the bottom of the screen it will say “John Doe’s permission was changed from View to Edit”………and this function certainly has some value……..but we were hoping for more.

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