Autodesk announces BIM 360 Bluebeam Integration with Bluebeam Studio

Construction Productivity recently got a boost for those using both Bluebeam Revu and Autodesk BIM 360 Docs. Currently in Beta, Autodesk BIM 360 introduces integration with Bluebeam Revu via Studio Prime (Subscription to Bluebeam Studio Prime required).  

This integration has been a wishlist item for many AEC professionals as indicated by this Linkedin post from August 2017. If you read all of the comments in that thread, you’ll see that much has changed in the way the two companies cooperate. It seems that competitive landscape has tilted in favor of the consumers….and that’s great news for the users of the two platforms.

How does the BIM 360 Bluebeam integration work?

The Old Way:

  1. Select PDFs in BIM 360 Docs to review
  2. Download PDFs to desktop
  3. Create Studio Session, upload PDFs, invite attendees
  4. Review and place markups in the Session
  5. Finish the Session, download PDFs back to desktop
  6. Upload marked up PDFs back to BIM 360

The New Way (Important to know that this is using Studio Sessions, not Studio Projects):

  1. Launch the app –
  2. From the top left-hand corner of the screen, select an account and project. Note that you need to have access to the BIM 360 Document Management module for the project.
  3. Click “Login to Studio”. The Bluebeam Login screen opens.
  4. Enter your email and password. Note that the email and password must match your BIM 360 username and password. The Grant Access screen appears.
  5. Click “Allow”, to allow access to your Studio data. The Session screen appear.
  6. To create a session, click “Create New Session”.
  7. Enter a title, and optionally enter a session expiration, add attachments and invite users to the Session. Click the “Create” button. The Session screen opens.
  8. Join the session in Bluebeam Revu, by selecting the Session from the list of Sessions in the Sessions screen, and clicking the “Join Session” button. The Bluebeam Revu screen opens, where you can review and add markups to the PDF files. 
  9. To finish the session, either:
    – From Bluebeam Revu, click the “Session finish” button.
    – From the Session screen, select the Session, and click the “Finish” button. (Optionally, import the files back into BIM 360 Document Management by selecting “Import files”.)
  10. To import the files back into BIM 360 Document Management, open the session, select “Import files”, and click “Next”. The Finish Session screen appears.
  11. Select the attachments that you want to import back into BIM 360 Document Management, and click “Next”. The files are updated in the BIM 360 Document Management.

Autodesk announced BIM 360 Docs integration with Bluebeam Studio

This is where you enter your Integration ID for BIM 360. Use integration ID: 8766e942-79eb-4129-8f26-9b9aaff34c3f

Bluebeam Studio Integration

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