Blue and Green progress bars when opening PDF in Bluebeam Revu

Are you experiencing blue and green progress bars when opening PDF in Bluebeam Revu? On occasion, we’ll get Bluebeam PDF files that don’t open nearly as fast as our other files. These are usually large plans with lots of hatch patterns and/or layers. These files take longer to open, take longer to render, and just aren’t as responsive as most of our other PDF files.  While these files are opening, we’ll see a Green progress bar and then a Blue progress bar.  What does this mean?

In the video below, we’ll explain that Green bar shows while the file is loading into memory.  Then after the file has loaded, the progress bar shows as Blue when the file is rendering.  You will also get the Blue progress bar when panning and zooming as Revu renders the new orientation of the PDF

Notes:  The file in the video is 49MB with lots of hatch patterns and layers.  I’m also pushing the image to a high-resolution monitor. These are all conditions that can contribute to slow response times for some PDF files in Revu.  See this post to help your Bluebeam Revu performance.

More options for improving the perfomance of PDFs that are slow to open and render.

Recreate the PDF: 
1.  Open Bluebeam Revu without opening of the file.
2. Go to the File menu and click Create >From File. (Or use key command Ctrl+N)
3. Locate and select a PDF, then click the Open Button.
4. When the Save As dialog opens, choose a file name and destination. Do not try to over-write the original. Please choose a slightly different name.
5. Click the Save button.

Re-printing the File with Print Engine Set to “Vector”:
1. Open the PDF in Bluebeam, and initiate the print process (Ctrl+P or File menu > Print).
2. Select a Printer.
3. Click the Advanced button located in the lower-left of the page.
4. Change the Print Engine setting from “Image/Vector/Grid” to “Vector,” and click the OK button.
5. *Try setting the Print Data Type to “Auto.”*
6. Click the Print Button.

Note: *If setting the Print Data Type to “Auto” doesn’t help, try repeating Steps 1 through 6 with the “RAW” selected.

Reduce File Size
If the document contains a lot of images, you can also try the Reduce File Size from the Document Menu in Revu.  Reduce File Size Bluebeam

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