Bluebeam Revu 12.5 has been released

Update:  Revu 12.6 has been released since this post was published.  See more about 12.6 here.

Have you heard?  Bluebeam Revu 12.5 has been released.  The announcement was made official at he Bluebeam Extreme Conference in Hollywood, CA on July 31st, 2014.

Bluebeam Software has released their latest iteration of their flagship Product, Revu.  Revu 12.5 now includes new Bluebeam Studio features, including Seamless Offline for Sessions so you can continue viewing and working on Session documents, even when working offline. New Markup Alerts notify individual Session attendees of Markups in need of their attention, and Push Email Notifications help keep you in the know with timely email activity reports.

Also released, Studio Enterprise (formerly known as Studio Server), the server-based alternative to Bluebeam Studio. With Studio Enterprise, sessions that would normally be hosted in the cloud can be hosted on your local server, giving your administrators the ability to easily control security and access. See the feature sets below for Revu 12.5, Revu iPad 2.8, and Studio Server below

Bluebeam Revu 12.5 has been released
Bluebeam Revu 12.5 has been released

New Studio Features

Seamless Offline for Sessions

Continue viewing, marking up and uploading Session documents when working offline. All changes will upload when connectivity is restored.


  • Markup Alerts
    Notify individual Session attendees of markups in need of their attention. New Session Notification panel ensures recipients can easily navigate and manage all Markup Alerts received.
  • Push Email Notifications
    Session and Project participants can now opt to receive timely email notifications of the following activity:
    • When Session or Project documents are added or removed.
    • When Project documents are checked in with changes.
    • When any attendee updates their Session Status.
    • When a Markup Alert is received from another attendee. Markup Alert emails also contain a preview image of the marked up area, and a direct link to that exact area of the Session document.

Server Switching

Switch between private Studio Enterprise servers and the Studio cloud more easily.

Improved Proxy Server Support

Bluebeam Studio offers improved support when operated in proxy environments.

Additional Enhancements

Navisworks 2015 Support
3D PDF creation is now supported in Navisworks Manage and Simulate 2015.

Revit Plugin Improvements

A new post-processing option optimizes PDFs created with non-rectangular crop boxes, resulting in dramatically smaller file sizes (Revit 2014 and above).

Markups List Improvements

  • A new Depth column in the Markups list allows users to quickly add or modify an existing depth for use in takeoffs, formulas and Wall Area calculations.
  • CSV Summaries that contain data fields with commas are now compatible with Excel.
  • PDF Summaries now correctly display Capture images when they are attached to a child markup.

3D PDF Support for Right Hemisphere Compression

Revu 12.5 now supports 3D PDFs created with Right Hemisphere Compression.

Rendering Enhancements

Revu now supports four additional shading types:

  • Free-form Gouraud-shaded triangle mesh
  • Lattice-form Gouraud-shaded triangle mesh
  • Coons patch mesh
  • Tensor-product patch mesh

OCR Improvements (eXtreme only)

OCR now skips page regions that already have searchable text. This allows users to effectively process PDFs without concern for duplicating text in those regions.

Batch Link Improvements

Batch Link now supports full file paths in the destination column. This allows users to manually specify local and mapped paths, as well as paths to SharePoint, ProjectWise and Studio Projects.

SharePoint Improvements

  • Bluebeam Sets (.bex) files now load much quicker when opening from a SharePoint site.
  • Addressed timeout issues when checking in large files.
  • Fixed an issue with some metadata fields not displaying.
  • Improved performance on SharePoint libraries with larger number of files.

Other Resolved Issues

  • Header and footers now correctly calculate page sums when a range is defined.
  • Addressed issue when marking up Certified PDFs (with markup permission enabled) in Sessions invalidated the PDF.
  • Revu now supports emailing PDFs opened through the Bluebeam bFX protocol.
  • Windows 8 task bar is no longer covered when maximizing Revu on a second monitor.
  • Fixed issue with some PDFs displaying an incorrect amount of pages.
  • Resolved issue when files printed from Revu resulted in missing content.
  • Fixed issue with Reduce File Size incorrectly causing content on some files to disappear.
  • Resolved an issue in which users could no longer change the subject of Count measurements.
  • Further performance and rendering improvements for files opened in Revu.

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