Bluebeam Revu 12.6 has been released

UPDATE:  Bluebeam Revu 2015 has been released on February 3, 2015.

Installation Instructions

If you currently own a license of Revu 12, follow these steps to update to version 12.6.

  1. Open Revu and select the Help Menu
  2. Click the Product Updates Button
  3. Enter you 7 digit Serial number
  4. Click the “Update to 12.6.0” Link
Bluebeam Revu update to version 12.6
Bluebeam Revu update to version 12.6

Release Notes

Fixed an issue in which Revu 12.5 MSI installations failed to register properly through a proxy.

SharePoint Integration

  • Improved speed of logging in and opening files located on some SharePoint sites.
  • Expanded support for environments utilizing firewall /authentication exceptions based on user agent string.
  • Enhanced dialog box communication when metadata fields that are required, but have not been filled in correctly, cause a file to fail the check-in process.
  • Increased login flexibility to support credentials formatted as “”.
  • Fixed an issue when Revu would fail to update SharePoint metadata columns with a “.” in the name.

Batch Link

  • Improved speed navigating between Batch Link dialog boxes when a large quantity of files is selected.
  • Resolved issue when Batch Link would not create relative hyperlinks from a current Set when files were stored on SharePoint.

Reduce File Size

Addressed issue when running Reduce File Size on some files caused block boxes to appear on the document, or it did not correctly render all content in Adobe Acrobat.

Headers and Footers

Fixed an issue in which clicking “Cancel” when applying headers and footers could cause Revu to crash.

PDF Forms

Resolved an issue when printing some PDF forms altered the space of text entered in certain fields.


  • Files associated with a supported DMS are now correctly associated when configured with UNC paths.
  • Sets panel thumbnails now correctly display a new instance of a markup each time it is moved.

Overlay Pages

Resolved an issue in which invoking “Align Points” could result in a PDF containing only the content of one of the selected files.

Markups List

Filtering certain markups by color no longer incorrectly filters out all markups.

Create PDF

  • Resolved issue in which the Bluebeam PDF printer would fail to create a PDF when set to PDF/A-1b.
  • “Create from File” function no longer incorrectly overwrites an existing file if the file is open in Revu.
  • The Bluebeam PDF printer can now print from a DWF file in Design Review 2013.

Custom Columns

Added support for parentheses in formula columns. This addresses an issue when Custom Columns would drop parentheses, causing the formula to calculate incorrectly.

Thumbnails Tab

Resolved an issue in which users reordering pages by dragging and dropping in the Thumbnails Tab would unexpectedly modify Page Labels.


  • Fixed issue when some activities taking place in Session documents during offline use were not correctly updating the Record panel or showing in the Summary.
  • Resolved an issue with some Studio Projects causing Revu to crash on Windows 8 systems when a user attempted to change Project permissions.
  • Corrected an issue regarding Sessions that were unable to finalize due to unique changes in stamp properties.
  • Fixed an issue with 3D PDF markup indicators not displaying on the document in Sessions.
  • Addressed an issue with some markups incorrectly remaining visible for other attendees after being deleted during offline collaboration by a user who reconnected to the Internet.


  • Page Labels have been added to Markup Alerts email.

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