Bluebeam Revu Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise Licensing is not Open Licensing (Floating Licenses). Open Licensing for Bluebeam Software is an annual subscription, priced according to volume. Seats may be added to an existing Open License at any time, and they will be prorated based on the renewal date and cumulative volume. Active subscriptions receive unlimited access to the Bluebeam Technical Support and Orange Blade Consultants’ Support teams and product upgrades. Open Licenses seats can float to any authorized user on any computer that has been installed with Bluebeam Revu.

As Bluebeam Revu becomes the standard for PDF creation, editing, and markups, it has inevitably found it’s way into the enterprise.  Organizations with 50 or more licenses have 2 helpful tools for managing their Bluebeam Revu licenses.  We’re talking about Bluebeam Enterprise Licensing and the Guide to Implementing Bluebeam within Your Enterprise.

Enterprise Licensing will help you manage your Revu install base.  As your seats of Revu go dormant (dormant defined as 15 days without being used) your seats will be unregistered automatically.  This allows for others to use that seat.  This comes into play when:  PCs are decommissioned/stolen/lost.  The impact to Software Asset Management can be huge.  “Lost” licenses add up in cost over time.  How many licenses do we have?  How many are being used?  If you don’t get the same answer for both questions it may be in your best interest to look at Enterprise Licensing.

What else does Enterprise Licensing do for you?

  1. You may never need to uninstall Revu again.  Revu will unregister itself after 15 days of non-use.
  2. You’ll get a 5% cushion to bridge the gap between old installs and new installs, If you own 100 licenses, 105 can be in use at any time.
  3. You’ll get a monthly usage report indicating seat usage

Check out the Bluebeam PDF Revu Enterprise License Agreement.

How do you qualify for Enterprise Licensing?  There are 3 requirements:

  1. Must have 50 or more seats of Revu (this can be a combined total of Standard/CAD/Extreme versions)
  2. These seats must be on software maintenance (current and maintained)
  3. There is a $5 fee per seat/year for Enterprise Licensing

Implementing Bluebeam within your Enterprise

Now that we know how easy it is to manage our licenses, how do we easily install our Revu seats within the Enterprise?  Enter the “Guide to Implementing Bluebeam within Your Enterprise”.  Who wants to make 100 trips to 100 workstations to perform all of these installs?  Nobody.

Larger organizations typically standardize on symbols, profiles, preferences, tool-sets, stamps, printer page sizes, global page setups, etc.  This can all be addresses during a Silent or MSI deployment.

Download a copy of “A Guide to Implementing Bluebeam Revu within Your Enterprise” today.

Enterprise Licensing FAQ:

Can I get Enterprise Licensing applied to my current licenses (I don’t need new licenses at the moment)?
– If your currently own 50 or more licenses, and have them on Bluebeam Software Maintenance, you can convert to Enterprise Licensing at $5/license (Contact us for details).

We don’t have 50 seats of one particular version of Revu.  Between Standard, CAD, and Extreme version we do have more than 50.  Can we still use the features of Enterprise Licensing?
– Yes, as long as the total license count is 50 or more you qualify for Enterprise Licensing

Can we use Citrix or Terminal Server for Bluebeam Revu Enterprise Licensing?
– No

Do I need to install a license manager on my network?
– No, Bluebeam manages your installs/seats

Do all seats need to be within our network to be managed by the Enterprise Licensing Systems?
– No, all seats need Internet access only

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