Bluebeam issues Revu Mac update to version 2.01

Issued on the same day as Revu Windows Update 18.3

Support for Apple’s latest operating system, macOS Mojave.

Improvements (as detailed on Bluebeam Support)

  • Fixed an issue with hyperlinked text not displaying correctly.
  • Resolved a connection issue with Studio Enterprise.
  • Addressed an issue where reducing the panel size caused some fields to not display correctly.
  • Addressed an issue where editing a custom column and then clicking the column header would cause Revu to crash.
  • Fixed an issue with the sync button not working when using List View in Studio Projects.
  • Resolved an issue where the check out icon would sometimes not update when a file is checked out in Studio Projects and Sessions
  • Addressed an issue where deleting markups offline would show a blank entry in the Pending tab.
  • Addressed issues where newly created markups sometimes failed to upload to the cloud and appear “stuck” in the Pending tab.
  • Addressed issues where bad connection could sometimes lead to failed uploads causing pending items to lose property changes.
  • Addressed an issue where placing lots of markups on a document could cause the pending queue to hang.
  • Addressed issues where adding, deleting or undoing markups would sometimes not update for other attendees.
  • Addressed issues where some markup changes appear out of order for some attendees.
  • Addressed an issue where Cloud+ markups could sometimes have missing clouds.
  • Addressed issues where leaving a Session with pending markups or closing multiple documents at once could sometimes cause Revu to hang.
  • Addressed an issue where uploading pending markups such as Cloud+, Callouts, or Text would sometimes result in missing text.
  • Addressed an issue where closing multiple session documents could sometimes cause Revu to hang.
  • Addressed an issue where closing Revu with Sessions open could sometimes cause Revu to hang.
  • Addressed an issue where changes made to markups while disconnected could sometimes result in lost changes.

How to install this Revu Mac Update

From the Revu Menu>Check for Updates

Revu Mac Update 2.01









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