Bluebeam Revu updates to 2016.5.2

Bluebeam Revu updates to 2016.5.2
This update focuses on the Microsoft Surface Studio device and support for the Surface Dial.

Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial Support*

  • Use the Surface Dial with the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, or Surface Studio
    • Scroll through the Markups List to quickly find any markup.
    • Show/hide markups by instantly adding, isolating, or selecting Layers.
    • Select items from the Tool Chest while marking up with a mouse or Surface Pen.
    • Choose markup appearance properties such as color, line weight, and opacity.
    • Split views to look at documents as a full page on one side, while simultaneously zooming to specific views on the other.
    • Browse document thumbnails.
    • Zoom and scroll on any document.
    • Scrub through a complete Undo/Redo history.
    • Navigate the Tab Access menu.

* Requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update


  • Fixed issues that caused Sets categories to be invisible.
  • Improved font substitution for systems using fonts with non-standard characters.


  • Fixed issues that caused hyperlinks to be active while selected for editing.
  • Addressed issues that disabled relative hyperlink options for some files located on network drives.

Other Resolved Issues

  • PDF Summary now sorts Sequence markups alphanumerically.
  • CSV Summary now sorts page index numerically.
  • Fixed issues with text selection.
  • Added option to the MSP update installer which allows administrators to suppress a forced reboot.
  • Addressed issues that disabled Revu preferences when Studio is disabled through the Windows registry.

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