Bluebeam Revu Version 11.0 (Release notes)

In addition to some of the high powered features that have been added to release 11 there are plenty of small tweaks as well (see Other Enhancements at the bottom).  If you use Revu or Adobe, there is probably something here to put a smile on your face.  In-house, we’re really liking the way text now resizes dynamically when markups are resized.  And, of course there is Sets……..which reminds us of how the Sheet Set Manager works in AutoCAD, Civil 3d, Etc.

Looking for version 2016.5.2 release notes?

Windows 8 support

Revu 11 is officially compatible with Windows 8, including support for Windows 8 multi-touch drivers and hi-resolution displays up to 4K.

Format Painter

The Format Painter can be used to easily copy appearance formatting and properties of one annotation and apply them to another annotation or group of annotations.


Create bookmarks from page labels and page labels from bookmarks. You can also define a region on a page that contains searchable text, such as a title block, to automatically generate bookmark names or page labels. These options are available in the Bookmarks and Thumbnails tabs respectively.

VisualSearch™ Enhancements

VisualSearch has been upgraded to include results that vary by color and rotation (in 45 degree increments), or are obscured by intersecting lines. Powerful filtering options are provided for both raster and vector art documents to refine your search selection, and a count can now be generated from your search results. This means you can locate different sizes as well as different orientations of your search objecsts.


Sets allows you to navigate a large file set as if it was a single document, in a single tab, without modifying the associated files in any way. Files selected for inclusion in a Set can be sorted by page label or file name, and filtering options for revisions and addendums allow users to quickly see the most recent version of a document.

Studio Projects Offline

Files in a Studio Project can now be synced down locally to allow for offline access. Edits made offline can be checked in once Internet connectivity is restored. Additionally, Edit Offline mode enables users to markup and edit documents they did not check out before going offline.

Enhancements to Stapler

The Stapler’s PDF creation engine has been significantly updated. In addition to improved results when publishing PDFs and combining documents via the Stapler, file convert and combine options have been added to the Windows Explorer context (right-click) menu.

3D PDF Enhancements

  • Convert IFC files directly into 3D PDFs (This is good news for our GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD users)
  • Section Box tool allows you to isolate regions of a 3D model for improved issue communication
  • 3D PDF rendering has been improved
  • Transform tool allows you to move individual objects within a 3D PDF
  • Copy objects from a 3D model and paste them into a PDF as a new 3D model

Markup Enhancements (Callouts, Clouds and Text Markups)

  • Callouts now include circular and triangular text box options. Leader lines will now automatically re-attach to the appropriate side of the text box when moving callouts.
  • Cloud properties now include the ability to modify the size of cloud curves and an option to invert the cloud pattern.
  • Users can configure text markups with an Auto Size option to resize text as the markup is resized.

Structures™ (Revu eXtreme™ only)

Structures allows you to quickly add complex, hierarchical bookmarks to a file by pulling in dynamic components from a selection of bookmark templates. You can easily create your own templates or modify existing ones that are included in the software. Share these templates with others by simply using the Import and Export features of the Structures Manager.

Split Documents

From the Documents tab, you can now split a PDF into multiple sections by Top Level Bookmark, File Size and Page Count without altering the source file in any way.

Manage PDF Templates

The File>New dropdown now allows you to select and edit PDF templates directly.

Drag and Drop Columns

Columns can now be rearranged via drag and drop.

Formula Editor

Streamline the creation of Custom Column formulas with a new expressions-based editor. Just start typing in the Formula Editor’s expression field to see a list of available functions and variables.

Other Enhancements

  • Manage comprehensive auto-complete options from the General Preferences pane.
  • Viewports are now visible by default when adding measurements.
  • Users can now set default visual properties for hyperlinks.
  • A new preference setting for opening a document at your last page and view.
  • In the Thumbnails Tab, page labels can now be edited with a double-click.
  • When Markups are resized, any associated text will also be resized accordingly.
  • PDF creation from emails that span across multiple PST files in Outlook

Plugin Compatibility

  • AutoCAD®, Navisworks® Manage/Simulate and Revit® (latest version)
  • Solidworks® 2013
  • MS Office 2013
  • IE browser plug-in now supports FileOpen and PDFs on secured websites

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