Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to providing clients with the Bluebeam solutions they need and passionate about guiding clients through technology decisions, introducing new workflows, understanding their unique business dynamics so we can help them meet their goals and objectives.

Ian Cooperrider

Director of Bluebeam

Ian Cooperrider is the Director of Bluebeam at U.S. CAD with a passion for helping teams leverage and collaborate with Bluebeam solutions in all phases of their projects. In his current role, Ian leads the Bluebeam division at U.S. CAD which was recognized as the North America Bluebeam Platinum Partner of the Year in 2018 and 2019. The Bluebeam division at U.S. CAD is comprised of a dedicated sales team, dedicated technical support resources, and dedicated technical specialists who engage with clients to provide best-in-class solutions for all their Bluebeam needs.

Ken Phelps

Senior Bluebeam Product Specialist

Natalie De La Cruz

Senior Bluebeam Support Lead

Erik Nagy

Bluebeam Specialist

Jose Velazquez

Bluebeam Specialist

Veronica Pan

Bluebeam Specialist

Carol Hagen

Bluebeam Specialist

Charles Smith

Bluebeam Business Development Specialist