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DWF to PDF in a few easy steps

DWF to PDF in a few easy steps – Convert your DWFs to PDFs

So you’ve been provided with DWF plans (Design Web Format).  You typically work with PDFs though.  How can you you take the DWF plan set and convert them to PDF to use with Bluebeam Revu while maintaining the ability to markup, measure, etc?  It’s actually quite easy……..so let’s go from DWF to PDF in a few easy steps!

BTW, If your resulting PDF file is larger than you expected, this thread on the Autodesk Design Review User Forum may help you

Fun Tech Tip:  Want to see what a DWF file is made of?  Change the extension of the DWF file to .zip.  Then open it.

Is DWF still a viable file format for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction? This article claims that it is.  What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Check out this old tool for merging DWF comments


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