Get Complimentary AutoCAD Hatch Patterns for Bluebeam Revu

What hatch patterns are we sending you?

ANGLE – Angle steel
ARB816 – 8×16 Block elevation stretcher bond
ARB816C – 8×16 Block elevation stretcher bond
ARB88 – 8×8 Block elevation stretcher bond
ARBRELM – Standard brick elevation english bond
ARBRSTD – Standard brick elevation stretcher bond
ARPARQ1 – 2×12 Parquet flooring: pattern of 12×12
ARRROOF – Roof shingle texture
ARRSHKE – Roof wood shake texture
BOX – Box steel
BRASS – Brass material
BRICK – Brick or masonry type surface
BRSTONE – Brick and stone
CLAY – Clay material
CROSS – A series of crosses
DASH – Dashed lines
DOTS – A series of dots
EARTH – Earth or ground
ESCHER – Escher pattern
FLEX – Flexible material
GOST_WOOD – wood material
GRASS – Grass area
GRAVEL – Gravel pattern
HEX – Hexagons
HONEY – Honeycomb pattern
HOUND – Houndstooth check
INSUL – Insulation material
ACAD_ISO02W100 – dashed line
ACAD_ISO03W100 – dashed space line
ACAD_ISO04W100 – long dashed dotted line
ACAD_ISO05W100 – long dashed double dotted line
ACAD_ISO06W100 – long dashed triplicate dotted line
ACAD_ISO07W100 – dotted line
ACAD_ISO08W100 – long dashed short dashed line
ACAD_ISO09W100 – long dashed double short dashed line
ACAD_ISO10W100 – dashed dotted line
ACAD_ISO11W100 – double dashed dotted line
ACAD_ISO12W100 – dashed double dotted line
ACAD_ISO13W100 – double dashed double dotted line
ACAD_ISO14W100 – dashed triplicate dotted line
ACAD_ISO15W100 – double dashed triplicate dotted line
MUDST – Mud and sand
SQUARE – Small aligned squares
STARS – Star of David
SWAMP – Swampy area
TRANS – Heat transfer material
TRIANG – Equilateral triangles
ZIGZAG – Staircase effect

Instructions for installing Hatch Patterns and Bluebeam Toolsets