How to Open PDF Files

So you’ve been given a PDF file, and none of your applications you have will open it. You’d like to know how to open pdf files or corrupt pdf files with jumbled text or other issues. You may get one of these error messages when attempting to open PDF Files:

  • Password protection blocks opening the PDF Document.
  • PDF was created with a program that doesn’t adhere to the Standardized ISO for PDF files and does not comply with industry standards.
  • File is damaged.

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If your PDF file is damaged, you may want to use the Repair PDF tool in Bluebeam Revu

  1. From the Document Menu in Bluebeam Revu, Select the Process Button, then Select “Repair PDF”
How to Open PDF Files
Repair PDF

2) From the “Repair PDF Options Windows, make your selections.  If  you are having issues with jumbled or illegible text, we recommend that you select “Process Wipeouts, Text Masks, and OLE Objects” and “Remove Text Clipping”, then Select “OK”

Repair PDF Options
Repair PDF Options

3. Now that your PDF has been salvaged with Revu, you can move on to markup and editing, or whatever you plan to do                     with the PDF file.

Repair PDF for Revu version 2018 and 2019

Revu 2019 is currently the fastest most efficient version

If your you’ve encountered this message “Bluebeam Revu is currently installing please wait to launch until installation is complete, see this post for the fix.

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