A guide to Implementing Bluebeam within Your Enterprise

New for 2015, The Guide to Implementing Bluebeam within Your Enterprise.

Not only is this a valuable document for anyone deploying Bluebeam Revu Software in an enterprise environment, it also makes the CAD manager happy.

Talk about standardization!  Plugins for AutoCAD/Navisworks/Revit/Sketchup/Solid Works can be enabled & disabled, the Bluebeam Printer can be configured, Paper sizes can be set, default paths for PDF conversions can be set.

Bluebeam Revu’s Hierarchy of Configurable Settings
Bluebeam Revu’s Hierarchy of Configurable Settings

All of these options can be configured during deployment.

Custom columns in the markup pane
Panels for holding your Search, Studio, Bookmarks, Thumbnails, Links, Spaces, etc.
Toolbars, allowing a standard set of Toolbars to be front and center on all new deployments
Tool Chests, so everyone is using standard symbol libraries and/or project specific tools
Hatch Patterns
Line Styles, Even custom line styles can be configured during deployment

Also covered in this guide:

Different Deployment Options
Authorization Requirements to regsister the licenses on Bluebeam License Server
Methods of Upgrading Bluebeam
MSI Deploy Installations
The Bluebeam Administrator for enabling/disabling plugins, configuring the Bluebeam PDF printer, changing default settings, and enabling debugging logs
The Bluebeam Administrator Tabs
Managed Configurations Centralizing Net Configurations
Managing Net Configurations
Best Practices for Deploying Settings
Read-Only Profiles
Sharing Profiles on a Network
Tool Chest
Managing Tool Sets
Locking Tool Sets

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