Managing Buzzsaw Licenses

“We have x number of Buzzsaw licenses and we want to make sure we don’t run short”.  We also want to make sure that all (or most) of our licenses are being used.”

We’ll use 100 licenses as our example.  During Buzzsaw deployment/training, you’ve identified 80 users that will be using Buzzsaw. All 80 will need a login/password.  Their username is their license.  This leaves 20 licenses for others who will join your project later.  When a Buzzsaw administrator creates a new user (we’ll call her Jane Doe) the license is consumed as soon as soon as Jane’s member name is created in Buzzsaw.

Jane gets a “Welcome to Buzzsaw” email, she’ll choose her password and gain access to Buzzsaw. Even if she never logs in again, she’s still consuming a license. So if she isn’t logging in to Buzzsaw and using it, we’ll want to find out why.

Here are some possibilities:

  • The “Welcome to Buzzsaw” email ended up in her spam folder and she never saw it
  • She ignored it
  • The email address was bad, so she never received it

These are all easy to rectify:

  • Tell her to check her spam folder, or look for the invite in her inbox
  • Conifrm her email address and send the invite again if it was incorrect

What about the user who has access to Buzzsaw but hasn’t logged in for months?  That’s easy to manage as well.  There is a setting in Buzzsaw that will disable the member (and take the license back) after x days of inactivity.  Administrators decided what the value of x is.

What if a member has been disabled by Buzzsaw because they haven’t logged in for, say 90 days (90 being x from above).  Now they’re back, and need Buzzsaw access. Administrators can easily enable them by finding them in the Member tab of the Site Admin panel. Now they have access again…….and are consuming a license again. Having Buzzsaw disable users that aren’t actually using Buzzsaw, but still consuming a license, is great for the larger Buzzsaw sites with hundreds or thousands of users. It’s much easier to enable a few members a month than it is to scan then entire member list and hand-select users who have stopped using Buzzsaw for whatever reason.

Managing your Buzzsaw Users can be easy, if you look at the member logins and usage every so often.




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