Offline access to Bluebeam Studio Files in Revu 2018

For the most part, Studio Projects and Sessions require an internet connection to view and markup on documents. Professionals aren’t always tethered to an internet connection though. So how can we be mobile and productive at the same time? Bluebeam Studio provides different methods for dealing with being offline while working in Studio Sessions and Projects.  Offline access to Bluebeam Studio Files in Revu 2018 and Revu 2019 is easy and can be enabled from Preferences (See images below). Not sure where to find preferences? Go here to find where your favorite tools in Bluebeam Revu for Windows have gone.

Go Offline

Offline Mode in Studio Sessions – Studio Sessions allow you to toggle between online and offline modes. When online, any changes made to PDF files in the Session are updated in real time. If you make changes to a Session document while offline, the changes are preserved (and shown on the Pending tab at the bottom of the Studio panel) and automatically synced with the Session once you reestablish your connection.

Changes made to a Session PDF are entered in the Session Record as having been made when they are uploaded to the Session (that is, when you get back online), not when they were made while offline. The Creation Date column in the Markups list, however, it will show the actual date and time of creation.

Offline Mode in Studio Projects – You can synchronize all or part of a Studio Project’s folder hierarchy locally onto a device so the files remain accessible without requiring an active Internet connection to Studio.

Synchronizing Project Files – In order to use a Project file while offline, the file must first be downloaded to your device as a locally cached copy that can be viewed when offline. These files and folders will be used to update the server copy when you get internet access.

Enable Offline Access

Offline access to Bluebeam Studio Files in Revu 2018

Set up your Pin to access your Studio files while offline

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