Orange Blade celebrates 10 year anniversary

Orange Blade celebrates 10 year anniversary

Ten Years Building A Paperless Construction Industry


When Orange Blade Consultants first opened its doors in March 2006, the technology world was a very different place. The only things “tweeting” were birds, the first iPhone had yet to be launched, and Facebook was only accessible to university students. What’s more, you could park in Downtown Gilbert, AZ!

It was the dawn of the “fingertip technology” age, but many businesses, especially in the construction environment, still relied on inefficient paper-based communications. John Magyar – founder of Orange Blade Consultants – decided there was a business opportunity in helping move the construction industry into a paperless world;

“When we opened for business in 2006 I had two documents in hand; a Bluebeam Software partner reseller agreement and a Master Subcontract Agreement with Autodesk. Fortunately I’d found two companies who were prepared to roll the dice on a guy in Arizona who knew he could make good things happen for companies looking to go paperless in their construction projects.”


Certified Bluebeam Revu Specialists

Bluebeam Revu is powerful software that combines PDF editing, markup and collaboration technology with reliable file creation. Available in various editions, Bluebeam Revu enables users to push the limits of their project communications.

Having opened as a software partner reseller in 2006, Orange Blade started conducting training for Bluebeam in 2008. The next step forward came when the company was awarded Bluebeam Certified Instructor status, solidifying its position as Bluebeam Revu experts.

Fast forward to 2016 and Orange Blade has evolved into a Global Platinum reseller for Bluebeam, specializing in sales, training, and deployment for their entire suite of products. The prestigious status of Platinum Partner is reserved for select companies that epitomize best-in-class customer service, product knowledge and sales achievement.

Over the last decade Orange Blade has developed a close working relationship with Bluebeam. The team has proven that not only do they have the necessary specialist experience, but also the right resources to be a very successful partner, as John Magyar explains;

“We sell a lot of Bluebeam software and we have specialist technical experts on staff. We’re proud of our Platinum Partner status, it’s something that I’d guess only about the top 1% of Bluebeam resellers globally can claim. It’s exciting to sell and train customers on a product that has such an enthusiastic following. Our customers are vocal in their loyalty to Bluebeam Revu, and they are doing great things with the product.”


Autodesk Authorized Developer & Consultant


Orange Blade has partnered with Autodesk since 2006, when they started conducting Autodesk Buzzsaw training. Autodesk Buzzsaw® is data management software that centralizes project information, enhances team collaboration, and helps enable Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows; it can be integrated with other Autodesk design and data management solutions.

After a successful decade long relationship, Orange Blade is an Authorized Autodesk Developer, as well as a leading third party consultancy for the multinational software corporation based out of San Rafael, CA.

As the company celebrates its 10 year anniversary this month, Orange Blade has grown into a thriving consultancy, with headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona. The team offers clients more than 40 years of industry experience with 600 consulting and training assignments completed. The experts at Orange Blade come from the architectural design, homebuilding, engineering, and software training and development industries.

The company positions itself to clients as trusted advisors; their mission statement is incredibly simple.

  1. Help clients reduced their paper usage
  2. Have fun doing it
  3. Be profitable… and continue doing #1 & #2.

John Magyar explains that simple philosophy;

“We thrive on our clients’ success. We’re problem solvers with unparalleled expertise in Autodesk and Bluebeam product rollouts, training, and support. Our training and technical backgrounds, personal approach, and capacity to understand business processes have given us the ability to consistently deliver results. Our clients recognize that we’re here to help, and we like to have fun doing it.”


A “Customer First” Mentality


Companies that put their customers first are typically those that achieve longevity. A tech business that opened its doors just before the start of the great recession, and not only survived but flourished, must be doing “something” right. John explains what he believes that “something” is;

“We love what we do! Our mindset has always been focused on unbeatable service. We’re given a brief period of time to provide excellent service to our customers…and we don’t take those opportunities lightly. Delivering a great product, at a great price, while delivering great service has worked for us…and our clients.  Who said the unattainable triangle of Quality, Service, and Price can’t be beat?”

Since 2006 Orange Blade Consultants has sold, trained, and helped deploy tens of thousands of Bluebeam Revu Licenses to customers. They’ve trained governmental agencies around the globe, homebuilders large and small, as well as utility agencies, architects, land development companies, and engineers.

But it’s not just about quantity served, it’s about the quality offered. By creating smart, high quality estimating protocols for clients, John estimates that efficiency and accuracy gains have saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last decade.

“We often work one-on-one with small firms looking for any opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. If their business profits from the products we sell and our training, then our business profits. We offer quality solutions that can impact a business’s bottom line.”

While John is grateful for the customers, colleagues and partners that have made Orange Blade Consultants a success over the last decade, he is very much focused on the future rather than the past.

“If it wasn’t for the trust of our customers and Bluebeam Software and Autodesk, both fantastic companies to partner with, we would have fallen off the radar long ago. We’ve enjoyed every step of the way during the last 10 years, but it’s the next 10 that really excite me! In the short term I hope to see you all at the Bluebeam Extreme Conference in San Diego in August.”


You can reach Orange Blade Consultants online at, or by phone at 480-559-8670.

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