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Our Return Policy

-We highly recommend that you evaluate our products by using the 30-day trial of the software.  During your trial, you will confirm that the software installs, runs, and provides value to you.

-Should you desire to return software licenses, you may do so by contacting us at within 30 days of your purchase date.  A full refund will be issued after you have unregistered the software.

-Prior to returning the software, you must uninstall/unregister all installed licenses of the software

-For all intents, the term “seat” means “1 installation on 1 workstation/PC”.

-Should you return some, but not all, seats of your software, and the return affects your volume discount, and adjustment will be made to your refund.  (Example:  You purchased 10 seats at the 10 seat discount price.  You decide to return 6 seats.  You now own 4 seats.  Your cost for 4 seats is more (per seat) than the cost for 10 seats (per seat).  An adjustment will be made to reflect this change in price.


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