Package Bluebeam Revu x64 Error

Error 1325 Documents is not a valid short file name

This error (which we don’t see very often) manifests when installing Bluebeam Revu 2015.  We’ve been able to conclude that it is most likely a user permissions issue on a particular PC.  The error indicates the Bluebeam Revu Installer is unable to write to the target install folder.

Error 1325 Bluebeam
Error 1325 Bluebeam

There appears to be 2 methods to fix this issue (Courtesy of this Microsoft User forum post):

Option 1

– Create proper top-level permissions at the root of the folder redirection (eg\\servername\mydocredirfolder) : Grant Authenticated Users the following permissions and apply it to “this folder only” ALLOW : List folders/read data, read permissions, read attributes, read extended attributes, create folders / append data

The Bluebeam installer might be trying to read the free disk space from the server but it can’t because it’s trying to access the folder above where your my documents redirection is sitting.

Option 2

Disclaimer:  If you aren’t comfortable adjusting registry settings, contact a professional.  We can’t stress this enough.  One wrong move in your registry can cause Major Issues with your PC.  So tread lightly……

The problem might be user access rights to change/update specific registry files


“if you drill into an entry >E2345E456EB778B44C000\234134E756765EEE6574CC654D\ And try and view it you get access denied, I found once I changed ownership to and account in the Administrator group it was a file directly associated with the Bluebeam installer.”

Change the permissions of all the containers that I didn’t have access to:

Create a local Admin Account and Log in as that MYPCNAME\Admin in the MYPCNAME\Administrators Group

1.  Right click Components and export it to a file
2.  Right click Components and select permissions
3.  Click the [Advanced] button at the bottom
4.  Select ‘Administrators’ click [ ] replace all child… then click [Edit] click [OK] and then [Apply]. If you get an error can’t do it, I found that if you go to the [effective permission] tab, [select] Administrators and then go to the [Owner] tab, select Administrators [ ] Replace owner on sub containers and objects, clicked [Apply] got an error, went back to [Permissions] tab, I could then do the permissions; Select ‘Administrators’ click [ ] replace all child… then click [Edit] click [OK] and then [Apply].
5.  [Click OK]
6.  [Click OK]
7.  Then installed Bluebeam Revu and other programs successfully.

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