Print to Scale from Bluebeam Revu

As much as we’d like to be 100% paperless, we’ll admit that sometimes we need paper plans.  If we print plans on the sheet size that the PDF was intended to be printed on, we often get good results.  And by good results, we mean the ability to Print to Scale from Bluebeam Revu.  If you’d prefer to print a portion of the plan, instead of the entire sheet, then printing to scale will take a few adjustments. It’s actually quite easy.  See the video below for more.

By using the Print Dialog Box in Bluebeam Revu, we can even get scaled PDF content onto a smaller paper size.  The WYSIWYG print preview leads the way and let’s us see what our print results will be before we press the “Print” button.  Print markups, page content, or both.  Dim the page content to make your markups really pop!  Let’s close the Print Dialog box and get going….

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