One Serial Number, Multiple Users

Open Licensing for Bluebeam Software, often referred to as “Floating Licenses” or “Network Licenses” is an annual subscription, priced according to volume. Bluebeam Revu 20 Extreme – New Open License Subscription may be added to an existing Open License serial number at any time. New seats will be prorated based on the renewal date and cumulative volume.

Active subscriptions receive unlimited access to the Bluebeam Technical Support Team as well as Orange Blade Consultants’ Support team and timely product upgrades.  Open Licenses required an Open License Agreement in place. Please complete the required Revu Extreme Open License Agreement and email to


How It Works

1. Simply launch Revu to request a seat from the Bluebeam Gateway, a web-accessible portal where licenses are hosted and managed.
2. If a seat is available, the Gateway automatically allocates it to the user and authorizes Revu to run on that computer. This is not a named-user license as the PC is authorized to run Bluebeam Revu regardless of the person using it.
3. Once all available seats are in use, the Gateway limits further requests for Revu to run.
4. When an active user closes Revu, the Gateway automatically retrieves the seat and immediately makes it available for others to access.

Key Benefits

Open Licenses seats can float to any authorized user on any computer that has been installed with Bluebeam Revu.

Seats are allocated via the cloud, so users can access all of the powerful features exclusive to Revu eXtreme from anywhere, at any time.

No specialized hardware or resources are required. All that’s needed is a standard Internet connection to access the Bluebeam Gateway, a web-accessible portal where licenses are hosted and managed.


Which versions and editions of Revu are supported by Open Licensing?
A: Open Licensing supports Revu eXtreme, version 2015.5 and later.

I’d like to know how to purchase Bluebeam Revu.
A: You can add 1 or more seats of Bluebeam Revu to your cart and proceed to checkout. Alternatively, you can get a quote by visiting this page.

Which versions and editions of Revu are supported by Perpetual Licensing?
A: Perpetual Licensing supports all versions of Revu Standard, CAD and eXtreme.

Managing Open Licenses
A: If you own an Open License and an upgrade to the next version becomes available, both the current and new versions will continue sharing the same pool of seats. This allows for ultimate flexibility when your environment requires incremental upgrades.

Will I receive a cumulative volume discount or a transactional discount on Open Licensing?
A: Yes, Pricing for Open Licensing is cumulative.

What functions will the License Administrator be able to perform?  License Administrators have the ability to:

• Log in to the Bluebeam Gateway and view currently active users
• Manage multiple seats through a single interface
• Invite additional Administrators to assist in managing active users
• Export a list of registered computers to help make better decisions when managing licenses
• Incrementally update users to the latest version of Revu eXtreme

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Right tool, at the right time – Revu 20 is designed to be aware of what you’re doing, presenting the tools you’re most likely to need based on your input. Like the new dynamic Properties Toolbar, which keeps the most commonly used features and commands right at your fingertips.

Easy to find your way –We’ve shortened the path from point A to points B, C, D and beyond. Improved panel views stay out of your way and leave more room for documents and drawings, so you don’t have to waste time rearranging your workspace. Revu’s Studio Projects now let you access files across multiple Projects at once, with a new dashboard-style interface to see everything you’re working on. Need an even shorter path? Now you can add custom keyboard shortcuts to export and share with your whole project team. Because in this business, no one has time for extra clicks.

Get up to speed faster – The technology learning curve just got flattened. With new video tutorials, pre-loaded tool sets, and sample files to jump-start new Revu users, your whole project team will spend less time training and more time getting the job done. And even Revu power users just might learn a few new tricks. Need more workflow-focused training? We do that. Let’s talk about a training plan that makes sense for your entire team. Start the conversation here