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Bluebeam Revu for Mac

Enhance your digital workflows with Bluebeam Revu’s core PDF editing, markup and collaboration capabilities. Revu for Mac provides you with the essential tools needed to mark up data across the entire project lifecycle and streamline workflow processes to increase productivity.

Key Features for Bluebeam Revu for Mac

MARKUPS LIST – Manage all markups in an integrated list for easy tracking, create custom columns to maximize markup data, and generate PDF and CSV reports.
TOOL CHEST- Save and organize custom markups and measurements for easy reuse, and share them with colleagues to streamline communication.
LAYERS- Assign markups to layers that can be toggled on and off to display desired PDF data.
MULTIVIEW- Split your screen up to 16 times to view different sections of a PDF simultaneously on multiple monitors, and sync tabs to pan and zoom in unison.
FILE ACCESS- View a list of recently opened PDF files, pin important documents and folders, and search for local files or network drives with ease.
MARKUPS- Redline PDFs with customizable markup tools, such as text, clouds, callouts, CAD symbols, images, stamps and more.
PDF EDITING- Easily edit and organize PDFs with fundamental layout, page assembly and collation options.
HYPERLINKS- Easily configure hyperlinks to open websites and network files, or jump to specific pages or snapshots within a PDF.
OVERLAY PAGES- Pick points on two or more PDFs for comparison and assign different colors to each page so you can easily detect the differences.
BLUEBEAM STUDIO – Document management plus real-time collaboration.

Bluebeam Studio offers integrated collaboration capabilities within Revu. Use it to store documents and entire projects in the cloud for free. Then review, mark up, modify and update project files for the entire team at once. So project partners worldwide can instantly connect on the same set of centralized documents.

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Bluebeam Revu 2018 – Revu 2018 slides seamlessly into your existing workflows, helping you access and share critical project information more efficiently and complete your projects faster.

Right tool, at the right time – Revu 2018 is designed to be aware of what you’re doing, presenting the tools you’re most likely to need based on your input. Like the new dynamic Properties Toolbar, which keeps the most commonly used features and commands right at your fingertips.

Easy to find your way –We’ve shortened the path from point A to points B, C, D and beyond. Improved panel views stay out of your way and leave more room for documents and drawings, so you don’t have to waste time rearranging your workspace. Revu’s Studio Projects now let you access files across multiple Projects at once, with a new dashboard-style interface to see everything you’re working on. Need an even shorter path? Now you can add custom keyboard shortcuts to export and share with your whole project team. Because in this business, no one has time for extra clicks.

Get up to speed faster – The technology learning curve just got flattened. With new video tutorials, pre-loaded tool sets, and sample files to jump-start new Revu users, your whole project team will spend less time training and more time getting the job done. And even Revu power users just might learn a few new tricks. Need more workflow-focused training? We do that. Let’s talk about a training plan that makes sense for your entire team. Start the conversation here