Bluebeam Training by InsiteEDU – 1 year Subscription


What is InsiteEDU?

The most advanced and convenient self-paced Bluebeam specific learning and instruction platform available.  InsiteEDU is an online Bluebeam®-focused educational portal that provides 24/7, anytime, anywhere access to consistent, in-depth training content. Maximize employee skillsets while achieving departmental and project goals. Developed in partnership by U.S. CAD and 4D Technologies, the developers of CADLearning, the most extensive independent library of Autodesk® learning material in the world.

Put the Power of InsiteEDU Bluebeam Training in Your Hands…

How much does an annual subscription to InsiteEDU cost, and what are the subscription options?

The subscriptions available are per person/per year annual cost of $99/year

How do I purchase Bluebeam Training by InsiteEDU?

Contact your U.S. CAD Bluebeam Account Manager, email us at, or call us at (877) 648-7223.

Where do I access my subscription to Bluebeam Training by InsiteEDU?

Access InsiteEDU at or via your company’s custom enterprise portal URL.

When will my order be processed?

  • Your account will be created and available to you within 1 business day.

How is CADLearning affiliated with InsiteEDU?

U.S. CAD, the developer of InsiteEDU, is a strategic partner of 4D Technologies, the makers of CADLearning.

Which devices support Insite ED?

    • Desktop computer
    • Laptop
    • iPad
    • Mobile phone

Registering someone else for InsiteEDU?
Be sure to provide the Student’s First Name, Last Name, and email address in the Order Notes section on the checkout screen.

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What is included in your Bluebeam Training by InsiteEDU subscription?

    • 200+ Bluebeam Revu lessons available in Bluebeam Training by InsiteEDU
    • Knowledge assessments
    • Role-based learning paths for team members, contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers, estimators, and superintendents
    • Progress charts to track advancement from Revu Basics to more advanced topics
    • Create Custom playlists from Bluebeam Training Courses
    • Data and analytics tools for administrators
    • Administrative content creator capabilities

InsiteEDU key features and benefits

    • 24/7/365 access to Bluebeam Revu training content 
    • Track and manage competency goals
    • Self-paced tutorials targeted to organizations, departments, or roles
    • Assessments for pre-hiring, onboarding, or skills/knowledge measuring
    • A consistent learning experience for employees and team members to reinforce or update employee
    • Built-in, time-based goals that are reasonable and measurable, with burndown charts to keep on schedule
    • Maximize your investment in Bluebeam Software with timely training content
    • Customizable enterprise solution
    • Easily add users at any time
    • Remain competitive in today’s AEC market by hiring the best talent
    • Reinforce and update Bluebeam product knowledge across your team
    • Create learning paths that meet the needs of the individual, department, or company

Who benefits from Bluebeam Training by InsiteEDU?

    • Project managers
    • BIM or VDC directors
    • Contractors
    • Subcontractors
    • Estimators
    • CIOs
    • Architects
    • Engineers


Bluebeam Training by InsiteEDU Course Previews

Searching for Text in Bluebeam Revu


Comparing Documents in Bluebeam Revu

InsiteEDU Topic List

Revu User InterfaceIntroducing Interface Toolbars
Introducing Interface Panels
Introducing Interface Menus
Introducing Mouse Functionality
Introducing Status Bar Functionality
Introducing Navigation Bar Functionality
Introducing Properties Bar Functionality
Introducing Interface Profiles
Exploring Workspace Rulers
Creating Multiple Views
Exploring Recent Files
Understanding File Access
Searching for Tools and Commands
AdminExploring Revu Preferences
Understanding the Revu Administrator Settings
Utilizing View/Markup Mode and Unregistering
Exploring the Keyboard Shortcuts
Exploring Security Settings
Creating Email Templates
Creating Digital IDs
Signing Documents Electronically
Validating Signatures
Controlling Digital Signature Preferences
Using Batch Sign & Seal
Automating Document Tasks with Scripts
CollaborationExporting TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP Image Files
Exporting Text, RTF and HTML Formats
Exporting to Microsoft Word Document
Exporting to Microsoft Excel Document
Exporting to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Sharing Information with the Snapshot Tool
Introducing the Studio Panel
Creating a Studio Account
Checking Out Files
Checking In Files
Syncing Manually to the Cloud
Creating a Revision History
Exploring the Session Interface
Interacting with Session Attendees
Accessing Session Documents
Exploring the Record Tab
Creating a New Studio Project
Sharing Studio Project Files
Inviting Others to a Studio Project
Configuring the General Project Settings
Restricting User Access to Projects
Controlling Attendee Access to a Project
Controlling Permissions for Folders and Files
Adding a PDF to a Session for Collaboration
Creating a New Studio Session
Adding Files to a Studio Session
Sending an Invitation to a Studio Session
Exploring General Session Settings
Controlling Attendee Access to a Session
Exploring Session Permission Settings
Updating a Project Copy
Creating a Session Report
Ending a Studio Session
Introducing Thumbnails
Reviewing Joined Sessions
Inviting Users
Viewing Markups with Replies
PDF EditingUsing Cut Content Within a PDF
Using Erase Content Within a PDF
Using Select and Edit Text Within a PDF
Using Redaction Tools
Orienting a Skewed Drawing
Rotating a Page
Improving Documents Using OCR
Translating Markups
Introducing Color Processing
Adding Headers & Footers
Reducing File Size
Repairing PDFs
Combining PDFs
Creating Bookmarks
Adding Bookmarks Before/After
Saving Bookmarks in a Collapsed State
Auditing Bookmarks
Exporting Bookmarks
Understanding Bookmark Structures
Introducing Flags
Adding a Linked Flag
Adding an Unlinked Flag
Removing a Flag
Applying Actions to Unlinked Flags
Configuring Flag Properties
Adding Layers
Sorting and Filtering Layers
Creating and Saving a Layer Configuration
Creating Links to Specific Places in a Document
Creating Hyperlinks within Documents
Editing Hyperlink Actions
Introducing Sets
Creating a New Set
Creating Tags within Sets
Configuring Options for New Sets
Opening Saved Sets
Closing Sets
Saving Sets
Publishing Sets
Printing Sheets from Sets
Configuring Preferences for Sets
Creating Spaces
Creating a Hyperlink to a Space
Creating Page Labels
Cropping and Setting Up Pages
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Pages
Inserting a Blank Page into a Document
Inserting Pages
Extracting Pages from a Document
Deleting Pages in a Document
Numbering Pages in a Document
Manually Renaming Page Labels
Resetting All Page Labels
Exporting Pages from a Document
Emailing Pages of an Open Document
Printing Pages from an Open Document
Linking a Batch of Documents
Handling RevisionsUsing Flatten in a Document
Comparing Documents
Overlaying Pages
Replacing Pages in a Document
Comparing Batches of Documents
Overlaying Pages for Batch Comparison
Managing Revisions with Batch Slip Sheet
MarkupsAdding Notes with a Textbox
Using the Typewriter Tool
Adding Notes
Adding Callouts
Adding Markups Using the Pen Tool
Adding Markups Using the Highlight Tool
Drawing a Line
Drawing an Arrow
Drawing an Arc
Drawing a Polyline
Adding Dimension Markups
Drawing a Rectangle
Drawing an Ellipse
Drawing a Polygon
Drawing a Cloud
Drawing a Cloud+
Inserting an Image
Inserting Photos Using Capture
Using Markups to Create a Legend
Using Stamps
Placing Stamps on Multiple Pages
Creating Custom Stamps
Adding Leaders to Textboxes
MeasurementsApplying Predefined Scales
Calibrating Scales
Taking a Length Measurement
Adding Slope to a Length Measurement
Taking a Polylength Measurement
Measuring Perimeter
Adding Rise/Drop Value to Polylength
Measuring Area
Adding an Area Measurement Using Dynamic Fill
Working with Cutouts in a Measurement
Adding Wall Area Measurement Using Area Measurement
Taking a Radius Measurement
Taking an Angle Measurement
Measuring Volume
Counting Items in a Document
Separating the Vertical Scale
Working with Viewports
Drawing Shapes with Polygon Sketch to Scale
Drawing with Rectangle Sketch to Scale
Drawing with Ellipse Sketch to Scale
Drawing with Polyline Sketch to Scale
Applying Custom Line Styles to Measurements
FormsUnderstanding Forms
Creating a Text Box in a Form
Adding Radio Buttons to a Form
Adding a Check Box to a Form
Creating a List Box for a Form
Adding a Dropdown to a Form
Configuring Buttons to Work in Forms
Inserting a Digital Signature into a Document
Importing an FDF into a PDF
Exporting Form Data
Merging Form Data
Migrating Typewritten Text to Form Data
Resetting a PDF form
Organizing Form fields
Creating Forms Automatically
Markup ListIntroducing the Markups List
Sorting the Markups List
Filtering the Markups List
Searching the Markups List
Configuring Column Display
Creating Custom Columns
Setting a Markup Status
Exporting Summary Options
Applying and Saving Filters
Markup EditingIntroducing the Properties Panel
Exploring the General Properties
Exploring the Appearance Properties
Understanding the Layout Properties
Understanding the Options Properties
SearchSearching for Text in a Document
Working with the Search Results
Using VisualSearch in a Document
Working with the VisualSearch Results
Tool ChestIntroducing the Tool Chest Panel
Creating Custom Tool Sets Within the Tool Chest
Adding Tools to Custom Tool Sets
3D PDFCreating 3D PDFs
Introducing the 3D Model Tree Panel
Exploring the 3D Model Tree Menu
Sorting the 3D Model Tree List
Filtering the 3D Model Tree List
Searching from the 3D Model Tree List
Controlling the Display of Columns in the 3D Model Tree List
Exporting a 3D Model Tree Summary
Saving Views in a 3D PDF
Rotating and Cycling Views
Exploring the 3D Hover Bar
Transforming 3D Model Components
Creating Section Views
Adding 3D Models to Conventional PDFs
Adding Markups in 3D Model Views
Working with the 3D PDF Options
CustomizationCreating Custom Line Styles
Importing AutoCAD Hatch Patterns
Creating Custom Hatch Patterns
Creating a Custom Status
Building Custom Toolbars
Sharing Custom Tools and Profiles
Building Custom Profiles
Help MenuSearching the Bluebeam Help Pages
Checking for Updates to Bluebeam Revu
Solving Licensing and Registration Issues
Contacting Bluebeam for Technical Support
Reporting an Issue to Bluebeam
Making Software Suggestions to Bluebeam
Exploring the Welcome to Revu Content
Launching the Revu Tutorials
Accessing the Training Resources

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