Enterprise Licensing for Bluebeam Revu


How do I know if I am fully utilized? Is there a charge for going over our number of seats?

Users can manage Enterprise Licenses and Open Licenses using the Bluebeam License Portal. If you are over your seat allowance, we will simply invoice you for any installed or authorized workstations above the total allowed under your license. As there is a 5% overage allowance provided, Bluebeam will invoice for the number of authorized workstations above the allowed number plus the overage allowance, for the preceding 15 days. Additional seats of Bluebeam Revu can be purchased at any time and added to your license. All new seat purchases will be based on the then current pricing with maintenance. An additional per seat charge will be included for an enterprise license each year.

How do I qualify for enterprise licensing?

There are a few requirements for enterprise licensing, which you must fulfill to qualify. First, enterprise licenses are available to customers with 50 or more seats of Bluebeam Revu (unless you are using multiple products such as Revu CAD and Revu Standard, in which case the total must be 50 or more). Second, your licenses must be consolidated into a single license key by product. Third, annual maintenance must be current and maintained. Please note, enterprise licenses are not intended for Citrix or other terminal server environments.

How much does enterprise licensing cost?

The cost for an enterprise license is an additional $10 per seat, annually.

Are “Open Licenses” the same as Enterprise Licenses?

No.  Although Open licenses are more in line with “Floating Licenses”, they are different from Enterprise Licenses in that Open Licenses are meant be be installed on more PCs than the actual number of licenses owned.  For example, perhaps your Bluebeam Revu user-base is 20?  That’s 20 people who use Bluebeam Revu throughout a typically work week.  You also know that there is rarely more than 7 people using Bluebeam Revu at any given time.  In this case, owning 7 or 8 Open Licenses may be beneficial…….as opposed to dedicating perpetual licenses to causal users who only use Bluebeam Revu for a short time each week.  Need more information on the features or Enterprise and Open Licenses?  Call us, we’re happy to help  480-559-8670

Is there a better way to deploy multiple Revu Licenses?

A Guide to Implementing Bluebeam within Your Enterprise




Enterprise Licensing for Bluebeam Revu

How does it Enterprise Licensing work for Bluebeam Revu?

Enterprise Licensing for Bluebeam Revu is a special license key that tracks the utilization of your seats. In other words, it keeps track of seats being used daily, automatically releases registered computers that have failed to communicate with the Bluebeam licensing server for 15 days, and provides a 5% overage or cushion that allows for the lag time between switching users, reimaging workstations, or releasing licensed seats no longer being used. If you exceed the overage allowance, an “exceeded licenses” warning will appear and further installations will be restricted. The benefit of having an enterprise license is there is no need to manually uninstall or release licenses on workstations that are being transferred, phased out or reimaged. This enterprise licensing option takes care of that for you, ensuring that your licensed seats are fully utilized. Plus, since it is managed with Bluebeam servers, there is no need to install or maintain anything locally. Simple.