Project Atlas acquired by Bluebeam – Construction Documents get smarter

Bluebeam, the creator of PDF solutions like Revu, has acquired Project Atlas.  Atlas is a digital mapping engine that uses geo-location instead of traditional folder structures to organise and visualise 2D plans and construction data. It will give design and construction professionals the ability to create and search seamless digital maps of their projects that contains plans, people, material, site photos and drone imagery. All within highly detailed, zoomable layers. Founded by Todd Wynne and Joe Williams in 2017. Bluebeam Atlas has a Google Maps feel to it, but for construction drawings.

The platform is modeled after the Google’s online mapping tool. Users can toggle from room to room with varying levels of detail that can include site photos, drone imagery, HVAC systems, materials, measurements, and architectural elements. Users then map and set their position in-person or from inside a structure under construction. Wynne and Williams have joined Bluebeam as the VP of business development and partnerships and as the VP of product management.

Imagine combining visualisation, collaboration and project documentation that you need to make critical decisions in the field.  These decisions are often the most expensive decisions in a project. By using a visual map of a project, you’ll get projects in a familiar, map-based context and to get information to the people who need it most.

Prior to the acquisition, Project Atlas worked with Drone Imagery, 360 degree photos, Indoor positioning, Issue Tracking, Voice Commands, Weather Maps. Project Management, and Design Tools.

Grab the iOS app for Bluebeam Atlas here. And for those using an Android device, get the app here.

Bluebeam Atlas Locate me X-ray Vision

Other features at the time were:

Device Handoff – Start work on your desktop, finish in the field with your phone
GPS Enabled – Locate georeferenced photos, yourself, and data nearby
Instant Overlay – overlay an unlimited number of disciplines, then use the elevator button to take your overlay up a level.

The videos below are from 2017.

Project Atlas – Layers Tutorial (Published on Aug 9, 2017)

More information coming.

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