Reset Hidden Messages in Bluebeam Revu

You may have seen the messages shown below at some point. Both dialog boxes ask a question and give you the opportunity to never show the message again.

For instance, a message Bluebeam Revu users occasionally get when opening PDF files containing viewports is the “Remove Untitled Viewports” dialog box.  These viewports that are being referenced typically come from AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, or another CAD Application.  By choosing to remove the viewports you’ll remove the possibility of getting inaccurate measurements.  You also have the options to “Do not show this message again”.  If you check that box, this handy reminder window will not show up again.  We’ aren’t sure this is a good thing……..we like knowing if there are viewports in our PDF.

Another similar message you may find is when opening PDF files that contain layers.  Do you want this layer window to open with this PDF?  Like the Viewports message above, if you choose “Do not show this message again” the message will not show again.  If you’ve been using Bluebeam Revu for any length of time and understand the concept of layers this isn’t a huge deal.  Still though, seeing this message is a nice reminder on new PDFs that’s you’ve received that there are layers present.  

Remove Untitled Bluebeam Revu Viewports
Remove Untitled Bluebeam Revu Viewports
Would you like to open the Layers Tab
Would you like to open the Layers Tab?

So let’s assume that at some point you click the “Do not show this message again” button, and now you want those messages to come back.  How do you do it?  The answer is: the “Reset Hidden Messages” will reset the “Don’t Show Again” status of all dialog boxes that have had that option selected so they will appear again.  Here’s how to get there.

1)   Goto Preferences
2)  From the General Section, click the “Reset Hidden Messages” Button.  That’s it.  Your Dialog boxes will come back.

NOTE: If the “Reset Hidden Messages” button is greyed it, that means that there is nothing to reset.

Goto Preferences in Bluebeam Revu
Reset Hidden Messages in Revu 2019

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