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Revu Mac has been updated to version 1.9

If you’ve been keeping score, Revu Mac has been updated to version 1.9.  Although Revu Mac 2.0 hasn’t been released yet, version 1.9 recently has been and Bluebeam has definitely expanded on the features offered in the Mac version of Revu.

What’s new in Revu Mac 1.9? Support for Apple’s latest operating system, macOS High Sierra. This is a pretty big update which has allowed for resolved issues on the Mac version.

A few of the improvements include:

A fixed issue with Sync not working when splitting the display using Split Horizontal or Split Vertical. This is a commonly used and in my opinion, needed feature so I was glad to find out this was fixed.

The option to include measurement units in XML and CSV in summaries was added (screenshot below) as well as a resolved crash that was occurring when using a tab to select an option with Autocorrect turned on.

Revu Mac 1.9

If you are coming across these issues or the measurement units option is not listed, please be sure to update to the most recent version of Revu. Steps to update are listed below.

What if Revu Mac is already installed but you need to update?

Click on the Revu button at the top left of your screen and select “Check for updates”

Since we are still on version 1 of the Mac, any updates within that version are still free and you’ll want to make sure you are up to date to see these updates reflect on your machine.

Revu Mac has been updated to version 1.9


Haven’t installed Bluebeam Revu but, you’re thinking about it?
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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 480-559-8670 or email us at bluebeam@orangeblade.com We are here to help.

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