Top 3 Features of Bluebeam Revu 2019

Top Feature #3 – Standardize with Ease

We can’t discuss what’s new in Bluebeam Revu 2019 without including the folks who install the software. For those tasked with installing Bluebeam Revu, easily take control of deployment across your organization with the new enterprise-ready configuration tool. A standalone application available with your deployment package is a tool that IT professionals can appreciate.

The Revu Configuration Editor for enterprise deployments is a tool that allows easy configuration of scripts for your Revu MSI deployment, MSP patch update, or creating scripts for post-installation deployments of custom assets, such as Profiles, Tool Sets, Hatch Patterns, and Line Styles. This will allow IT teams to customize and standardize pdf creation, toolsets, profiles, hatch patterns, etc.

By the way, Revu 2019 has added support for Revit 2020, AutoCAD 2020, AutoCAD LT 2020, Solidworks 2019, and Microsoft Office 2019.

Revu 2019 Configuration Editor

Top Feature #2 – Build better Bids

Obtain precise measurements with the new and improved takeoff functions. You’ll notice an automatic prompt for setting scale to ensure you make the most accurate bid possible. Don’t get burned by improperly scaling plan sets and the inaccuracy that comes from it.

You can select different measurements and Revu for Windows will keep a running total of whatever you’ve selected.  It can also be detached as shown below, thus providing a good visual for when you wonder why there is no cubic feet measurement.  You can see right away you don’t have a depth entered! It doesn’t stop there. You can show segment values and captions from the Measurement panel and not have to go to the Properties toolbar.

Accurately creating quantity takeoffs and cost estimates are crucial to formulating competitive bids (or “Tenders” for our Canadian and Australian Friends). Revu 2019 introduces features designed to improve turnaround times and reduce risk and minimize costly errors from the very beginning of the process.

Scale now shown on thumbnails. You can review which pages have a scale set right from the Thumbnails panel.  Edit Scale from there as well. Pages with a locked scale will notify users to that status and highlight temporary scales when they’re being used.

Takeoff Scale Thumbnails in Bluebeam Revu
Prompt to Set scale in Revu 2019
Detach Totals Window

Top Feature #1 – One Word, Speed

Users expressed their need for speed. Queue the “Top Gun” memes 😀.  Now users can get from point A to point B 600% Faster compared to Revu 2017. Your project team will appreciate it. You’re much less likely to experience rendering lag with 2019.

Bluebeam user at Workstation

The fastest version of Revu is here with version 2019. Revu 2019 introduces features speed functionality. Quickly pan and zoom through detailed plans with the new hardware-assisted rendering engine. The smooth, consistent nature of Revu 2019 is something you must experience for yourself.

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