Unboxing Surface Pro 4

We’ve been waiting, our customers have been waiting, and now it’s here. We’re unboxing the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.  This device might just be the perfect office to field (and then back to office) device.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (256 GB, 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5)


  • Specs on this unit are 256GB SSD/ Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM
  • Display is awesome, super sharp, can be used in direct sunlight. Coming in at12.3-inch, 3:2 aspect ratio, and 2736 x 1824 native resolution
  • We’re currently exploring options for protective cases.  Like the iPad, this Surface Pro is so pretty.  We’d hate to drop this onto concrete at a job site.
  • Our first hand-on experience with the Surface Pro was at the 2015 Bluebeam Extreme Conference in Los Angeles (Summer 2015).
  • Our Bluebeam Software customers are telling us more and more that they’re migrating to this device.
  • The Bluetooth Surface pen comes in handy with 1,024 degrees of pressure sensitivity, four times more than that of the Surface Pro 3, and an all-year battery life. The Surface Pen also has a tail eraser for manual undoing, and a selection of interchangeable tips for different tasks that change how the Pen feels and responds.  Click and hold the top button to wake up Cortana or Search, then enter your question on the screen. Double-click to take a screenshot and paste it into OneNote.


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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – 256GB / Intel Core i5
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover (Black) with Fingerprint ID


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