Updating and Upgrading Bluebeam Revu – It’s easier than you think

Natalie Delacruz, Customer Success Manager at Orange Blade Consultants presents “Updating and Upgrading Bluebeam Revu”.  She explains how to get updates to your Bluebeam Revu licenses. She’ll also explain how to get a free minor Bluebeam update. Minor updates are the free updates from version 2016.0 to 2016.5 or from 2018.0 to 2018.1. You’ll be surprised at how easy that is.

Every year, in or around the month of March, Bluebeam issues a major release of their flagship product Revu. Over the next 12 months, there are typically 3-5 minor updates.  These minor updates improve perfomance, smash bugs, and make the overall user experience better. Users are not mandated to take any of these updates.  We recommend that our customer take these minor updates.

She also talks about obtaining your major upgrade for customers on active Maintenance contracts.  Major upgrades are when you go from and older release to the current release (for example:  Version 2015 to 2018). If you have an active Maintenance contract you are entitled to use the latest version of Bluebeam Revu. And therein lies the value of Bluebeam’s software Maintenance plan. Getting that update is also easy.

For customers who are not on an active Maintenance contract, but want to be on the current release of Bluebeam Revu, visit the Orange Blade Consultants Bluebeam Store for upgrade options.

Finding your current serial number is easy too.  Natalie shows you how.  For those who want more instruction on finding your current serial number, see this article.

How to find your Bluebeam Revu Serial Number
How to find your Bluebeam Revu Serial Number

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