Orange Blade Consultants Acquisition FAQ
U.S. CAD acquires Orange Blade Consultants

For our valued customers, partners, and suppliers – January 21, 2019


1.     What are we announcing?

On January 11, 2019, Orange Blade Consultants (called Orange Blade), a Bluebeam Platinum Partner, based in Gilbert, Arizona, joined U.S. CAD, an Autodesk Authorized Platinum Partner and Bluebeam Platinum Partner, via acquisition. As a result of this acquisition, U.S. CAD further expands its presence into the Southwestern part of the United States, providing customers in this region with additional architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) software solutions, equipment, services, and resources. Additionally, Orange Blade brings 13 years of Bluebeam technology, training, consulting, implementation, and technical support experience, as well as a highly talented group of employees to U.S. CAD.

2.     What does this acquisition mean?

Combined, U.S. CAD and Orange Blade represent one of the largest and most trusted AEC vendors for best-of-breed software solutions, equipment, training, consulting, and staff augmentation across the Western, Southwestern, and Midwestern regions of the United States. 

The acquisition is a complementary fit for many reasons:

·       Strong market opportunity: The AEC market remains strong with significant opportunity to further digitize the industry with robust document management and collaboration solutions to improve workflow efficiency and streamline processes. U.S. CAD’s comprehensive portfolio extends additional offerings to the Orange Blade customer base as well as prospective clients in the Southwestern markets.   
·       Excellent business fit: U.S. CAD is a trusted industry advisor extending Bluebeam and Autodesk technology to AEC industry professionals in many geographic regions across the United States. U.S. CAD recognized significant synergies with Orange Blade, also a trusted Bluebeam advisor, such as a shared commitment of serving and supporting the AEC industry adopt solutions that help solve business challenges to achieve success during the entire project lifecycle.
·       Cultural fit: Both organizations share common core values comprised of honesty, integrity, commitment to excellent service, accountability, and trust and mutual respect to our customers, our co-workers, and ourselves.

3.     What are the benefits to U.S. CAD?

·       Orange Blade, a Bluebeam Platinum Partner, adds over 18 years of AEC experience helping customers achieve excellence in build and design and providing a full range of software solutions and services including training, consulting, implementation assistance, and technical support.
·       A strong and successful leadership team and a talented group of technical, training, and account management resources coming on board to help continue to grow U.S. CAD and service our now larger customer base.
·       Adding nearly 8,000 Orange Blade customers to our roster, growing our base of customers that can be serviced with additional products and services to help them win more business and achieve even greater project success.
·       Provides U.S. CAD with expanded Southwestern presence serving the greater Phoenix metropolitan market and other surrounding geographic regions.

4.     What are the benefits to Orange Blade?

·       U.S. CAD has over 20 years of AEC experience offering AEC technology, consulting, production, training, and support to the industry. U.S. CAD is a Bluebeam Platinum Partner, an Autodesk Authorized Platinum Partner, and have relationships with various other leading technology manufacturers including Panzura, Leica, and CADLearning. We offer the most robust collection of cloud-based construction and workflow solutions, 3D scanning, virtual and augmented reality, and on-demand learning for AEC professionals for better project outcomes from conception through construction.

·       Recognized as a leader and trusted industry advisor for technology, training, and consulting within the AEC community.
·       Strong brand recognition.
·       Over 5,000 customers strong.
·       Over 100 employees focused on training, consulting, technical support, account management/customer success, and marketing.
·       Strong senior leadership.

5.     How does this benefit both U.S. CAD and Orange Blade customers?

Bringing the companies together creates one of the largest AEC VAR organizations in the Western, Southwestern, and Midwestern regions able to offer a broad portfolio of solutions and services to help customers in these geographic markets easily connect with best-of-breed solutions and services with guidance from experts who are dedicated to ensuring their success.

·       End-to-end offerings creating a modern one-stop partner for the AEC community.
·       Both organizations are highly regarded Bluebeam Authorized Reseller Partners and offer complementary services and equipment to the AEC community.
·       Collectively nearly 40 years of experience with AEC technologies, tremendous industry knowledge, and proven best practices.
·       Expanded geographic locations to better serve customers.
·       A large team of technical and industry experts able to service clients across many time zones.

6.     How does the acquisition impact customers, partners, and suppliers? Why is it beneficial to them?

It will be business as usual for both U.S. CAD and Orange Blade customers. The customer points of contacts for both companies will not be changed, so our customers will experience the same excellent service, support, and relationships they had before the acquisition. U.S. CAD is committed to Orange Blade’s customers and the future growth of the Gilbert, Arizona office and expanding beneficial products and services that make designing, engineering, and building easier across the project lifecycle.  

Together, we now provide our customers with a more robust and complementary end-to-end solution portfolio, extensive and highly skilled resources, and additional capabilities – providing even more value to AEC professionals in our markets.

7.     Will each company retain its name?

The corporate name is U.S. CAD. During the transition phase, Orange Blade will be known as Orange Blade Consultants, a U.S. CAD company. After the transition period, Orange Blade will not retain its name, and it will be referred to as U.S. CAD.

8.     Will any of the Orange Blade product or service offerings be discontinued?

There are no plans to discontinue any products or services. Our combined offerings is unmatched in our markets, and there is great synergy between our offerings and capabilities.

9.     Will I still work with the same people?

There are no changes in this area. All of your points of contacts for sales, services, technical support, account management, accounting, and marketing will remain the same. However, you may be introduced to or work with additional resources from U.S. CAD because you will now have access to expanded products and services.

10.  Will U.S. CAD acquire more companies?

Mergers and acquisitions have always been a key part of U.S. CAD’s growth strategy. There is currently consolidation occurring within the AEC technology industry and U.S. CAD will continue to pursue opportunities of synergistic organizations.

11.  What does this mean for Bluebeam?

Bluebeam gains an even larger, stronger partner with more geographic reach and customers, that aligns with their strategy and initiatives.

12.  How will this ownership affect my company, processes, and business relationship?

This change of ownership of Orange Blade will be positive in each area. We are a larger and stronger company with more skilled AEC talent, products, services, locations, and geographic reach to better serve customers.

13.  Where is corporate headquarters?

The U.S. CAD corporate office is in Irvine, California.

14.  Whom do I contact if there are any general questions?

You can reach out to your regular points of contacts at each company. You may also contact Marie Salcedo, Director of Marketing, at or by phone at (877) 648-7223 ext. 250.

For additional information, please visit

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