Webinar: 3 Fs of Bluebeam Revu – Flags, Flatten & Dynamic Fill

Webinar: 3 Fs of Bluebeam Revu – Flags, Flatten & Dynamic Fill

July 27, 2017 10am (US Pacific Time)/ 1pm (US Eastern time)

Flags – because your probably aren’t using them, and you might not even know why. You probably don’t even know when flag day is, or maybe you do. Maybe WE don’t know when flag day is and we’re deflecting.

Flatten – because it has a place in many workflows, why not yours? It makes Joel think of pancakes for some reason, so there’s that too.

Dynamic Fill – because it’s one the the more awesome features introduced in Revu 2017. Not to be confused with our former employee “Dynamic Phil” who turned out to be anything but dynamic. We’re told he’s working over at the coffee shop now.

RSVPs are limited to 100 total attendees – No, seriously, we’re capping it at 100 so reserve your spot reserved today!

We’ll be broadcasting live to Facebook as well. You can join here on July 27th at 10am PST.


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Did you miss the 3 Fs of Bluebeam Revu (Flags, Flatten, and Dynamic Fill)?


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