What’s New in Bluebeam Revu 2015

 Here is the rundown of What’s New in Bluebeam Revu 2015 (See the version 2015.5 update)

Psssst!  This is old.  Check out Revu 2018 and the new User Interface

Capture 2.0

Embed videos into a markup directly from Revu’s Camera tool or from files saved to a local or network drive.

  • Markups with Capture-embedded media can be flattened, and media will be included in the PDF as a file attachment.
  • PDF Summary now includes large Capture media thumbnails with options to link to the media.
  • Markups with Capture-embedded media can be sorted within the Markups list.

Batch Slip Sheet (eXtreme only)

Match new revisions with their corresponding current sheets to carry over all markups, hyperlinks, Spaces and bookmarks while stamping superseded sheets. Sheets can be matched manually or automatically by file name, page label or page region.

Batch Overlay

Compare multiple files, or a multi-page file in one batch process. Auto-matching options have been provided to make pairing up pages to overlay a simpler process.

Batch Compare Documents Enhancements

In a similar approach to Batch Overlay, Batch Compare Documents has been revamped with a similar UI and auto-matching functionality to help streamline the comparison process.

Microsoft Office Export Enhancements

PDF to Word, Excel and PowerPoint exporting now supports scanned documents (We love our Doxie Go Plus for Scanning on the go, or in the office) The new “Select Page Region” feature enables selection of a specific region in the PDF for conversion. New preferences offer the ability to adjust the formatting of your export and adjust processing settings for more accurate results when needed.


Cloud+ combines the convenience of clouds and the clarity of callouts into a single markup tool, including the ability to customize the appearance properties for both components independently.

Digital Signatures Enhancements

  • A new digital signatures panel allows users to quickly see the status of all digital signatures and certificates in a document.
  • Support for invisible digital signatures now allows users to see the status of signatures created from services such as DocuSign.
  • Supports digital certificates with embedded timestamp server paths, and contains further improvements to support Certificate Authority revocation lists and PAdes Long Term Validation.

Sets 3.0

Sets 3.0 introduces the following elements to Sets:

  • Organize PDFs into categories that can be sorted in any order you choose. Take advantage of the Auto setting to sort files using preconfigured templates, or create your own custom templates.
  • Auto Revision filter option helps match revisions using common file naming conventions. In the event that the auto filter does not yield the desired results, user-customizable wildcard configurations remain available.
  • When adding revisions to a Set, Revu presents options to copy markups, hyperlinks, bookmarks, Spaces and other data from current to revised pages.
  • Compare two document revisions together, or overlay a series of files in Sets by simply right-clicking on a stack of revised PDFs.
  • Overall stability/performance enhancements.

Note: Sets 3.0 files are not compatible on versions prior to Revu 2015.

Spaces 2.0

Spaces 2.0 introduces the following elements to Spaces:

  • Copy and paste Spaces across other pages and files.
  • Create measurement markups directly from Spaces.
  • Add hyperlinks to and from Spaces placed in the document.

Dynamic Tool Set Scaler

Tool sets can be created at a specific scale and set to automatically scale larger or smaller in relation to any calibrated drawing or viewport it is placed in. For example, a symbol in a tool set configured with a baseline scale of 1”=1’ becomes proportionately smaller when placed on a document set to 1”=10’ scale.

Sketch Tools

Quickly create Polygon, Polyline, Rectangle, and Ellipse markups to specific dimensions based on the scale set in a PDF. Markups can be drawn with the mouse or, alternatively, type in length and rotation values directly for precise control.

Studio Enhancements

  • Project Folder Permissions:  Project permissions can now be set on a per folder basis. This allows the Project host or admin to set different permissions for each folder in a Project, including the ability to hide a folder from individuals or specific groups of users. Note: Modifying the permissions of a Studio Project through Revu 2015 modifies the project’s settings, disabling the ability for users in previous versions of Revu to update them.
  • Share Project File Links:  Share a Project file with anyone via a Studio File Link, which can be password-protected and set to automatically expire after 24 hours. Any updates made to the file will then be available to download via the File Link at any time, from anywhere, without requiring a Studio account.
  • Automatic Session Expiration:  Sessions can now be set to automatically expire at a specific date and time. When that period has expired, markup activity and Session access are automatically restricted. Notification emails are sent to all attendees at specific intervals leading up to the expiration, as well as when the Session expires.
  • Save Sessions to Project Without Finalizing:  Files added to a Session from a Studio Project can now be manually updated and checked back into the Project as a revision at any time, without finalizing the Session. This allows the host or admin to maintain a history of activity in the Session over time.
  • Fixed Issues in Studio
    • Issue has been resolved in which logging into Studio with wrong email casing prevents user from working offline.
    • Issue has been resolved when using Active Directory credentials to work offline then going back online in Sessions.
    • Fixed issue with following an attendee viewing a 3D PDF in Sessions.
    • Issue has been resolved with PDF edit text changes not being saved upon check-in in Projects.
    • Issue has been resolved in which AD user with Unicode (e.g. Japanese) characters are not able to log into Studio.
    • Fixed issue with using special characters in Project folder names.

Revu 2015 also includes a number of additional key fixes and improvements, including:

  • SharePoint Integration
    • Further improvements to authentication based on real name attributes.
    • Improved support for editing metadata properties.
    • Fixed compatibility with SharePoint sites hosted through F5.com.
  • PDF Creation
    • Fixed an issue with batch PDF conversion through AutoCAD not using the correct page setup.
    • Addressed an issue in which the Bluebeam PDF printer would not correctly post process files as PDF/A.
    • Resolved issue in which users could not create 3D PDF with some Revit 2013 files.
  • Reduce File Size
    • Fixed issues when black or white boxes would appear on some documents after Reduce File Size was run.
    • Fixed an issue when running Reduce File Size would corrupt some specific PDF content and cause it to disappear.
  • Text Input Issues
    • Further improvements to Static XFA forms compatibility, when some fields in previous versions would not allow users to input text.
    • Fixed an issue where copying and pasting text on some files could crash Revu.
  • Fixed display issues where areas of a PDF were not correctly being masked.
  • Some Interactive JavaScript Stamps, when applied to a PDF, no longer cause Revu to crash.
  • Further improvements made to the Internet Explorer browser add-on to better support PDFs, including FileOpen technology.
  • Improved output from OCE plotters in which some printouts would contain unexpected thin lines that could mask other text on drawings.
  • Addressed an issue with Sets files not correctly detecting DMS integration when connected by UNC paths.
  • Fixed issues in which markups with hatch patterns would print out blurry.
  • Resolved issues related to incorrect measurement results in PDF viewports when applied through BFX.

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