What’s new in Bluebeam Revu Version 12

Take your paperless world to the next level with Bluebeam® Revu®. Built for technical professionals, Revu allows users to create, markup and edit high-quality PDFs. Digitize your workflows, streamline your processes and collaborate with project partners from anywhere, anytime with Revu.

Add picture-perfect markups to your PDFs. Embed multiple photos from the field or your image library to any markup, and use the new Capture viewer to easily click through all embedded images. Captured photos even display in your PDF Summary so you can provide extra clarity to your team members.

Sets 2.0
Viewing, accessing and navigating an unlimited number of files as a single document, in a single tab, is now more flexible than ever before. Find the file you need faster by toggling between a list or thumbnail view. Hyperlinks within a Set now automatically redirect to ensure you’re accessing the latest revisions. And last but not least, the introduction of Studio Sets lets you add files from a Studio Project to a Set.

Batch Link™ (eXtreme only)
Automatically link up entire document sets quickly and easily. Create an unlimited number of hyperlinks by File Name, Page Label or Page Region, so wherever you are, the information you need is just a click away.

AutoMark™ 2.0
Organize your files the way you want with the newly improved AutoMark. Create bookmarks and page labels by combining multiple page regions, such as sheet labels and sheet numbers, and then easily add prefixes, suffixes and symbols. You can even AutoMark files that contain non-searchable text, such as scans, so you can get your PDFs in order, regardless of how they were made.

Group related markups and elements, or even nest multiple groups within a single group, while still maintaining individual control. Revu’s new SmartGroup technology enables you to quickly view and make changes to individual annotations within a group, without having to ungroup. Plus, grouped measurements will now automatically calculate a subtotal in the Markups list.

SketchUp Pro Plugin (CAD and eXtreme only)
Create 3D PDFs directly from SketchUp Pro to leverage all of Revu’s 3D markup and navigation functionality.

OCR+ (eXtreme only)
Revu’s OCR technology, which transforms scanned documents into text-searchable PDFs, now performs better on large format drawings. Search optimization settings capture more CAD details like room numbers, rotated text and callouts, and accurately identify paragraphs and word flow within text documents.

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