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New Features in Bluebeam Revu 2018 Webinar

We promised, so here it is.  The recorded session of our April 12, 2018 webinar “New Features in Bluebeam Revu 2018“.

Keeping in line with what we’ve been saying lately, “Less is more”, as in less clutter on the surface of Revu means more power below the surface.  A new interface introduced so you can do more and keep your screen real estate maximized.  Oh, and then there is the whole Keyboard Shortcut thing.  For the record, Keyboard Shortcuts have been a popular Wish list item for a while now.  So, for everyone who clicked the “Make a Suggestion” button in Bluebeam Revu and sent an email asking (begging) for Keyboard Shortcuts…..well, you can stop doing that.  You’ve been heard loud and clear.

Check out this post detailed what to expect during installation of Revu 2018.  And for those who are already using Revu 2018, this page will show where some of your favorite tools have been relocated to.

And to help you along your journey into the world of Revu 2018, you’ll want this Revu 2018 Icon Legend. It’s a PDF. That means that you can open it in Revu as you are working on other files, then refer to it any time you need to know  more about Tabs, View, File, Markups, Measurements, Edit, 3D, and Studio. 

EDIT: Revu 2018.2 update is now available




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