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Will I own the Perpetual Bluebeam Revu License?

This message is for owners of Bluebeam Revu Licenses who have not opted for a yearly software maintenance plan or purchased Open Licenses or Bluebeam Studio Prime.

Yes, you own your license.  There is no language in the Bluebeam End User License Agreement indicating that you are renting, leasing, on a timed subscription, or that you must pay a monthly or yearly fee to continue using the software (with the exception of Open Licenses).

Your license is a known as a perpetual license.  With this type of license you have unlimited use of the product.  You are not obligated to upgrade it at any time.  You are not required to purchase software maintenance (although you may purchase the optional software maintenance each year to ensure you have unlimited support and product upgrades).  Bluebeam Software’s perpetual licensing model is simple – simple to purchase, simple to manage, and simple to deploy.

For more information, see the Bluebeam EULA (End User License Agreement) or contact us.

Are you tired of feeling chained to a PDF software subscription?  Is it time to “Ditch the Subscription”?  Try Bluebeam Revu for 30-days.


Will I own the Perpetual Bluebeam Revu License?

I love renting PDF software, said nobody ever


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